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Some Unique Items at our Online Retail Store

If you’re looking for some awesome American made products, be sure to visit the online retail store at Burning Phoenix. We carry a wide range of unique items that will add tons of fun and value to your life. Our items are some of the most popular items featured on social media, so you’ll always be in the know. Here are just a few of our American made products that you can find at the online retail store:


  • We carry a wide range of iridescent holographic goodies that you’ll commonly see on platforms like Tik Tok. Check out our awesome holographic makeup bags, fanny packs, and tote bags. This awesome style features shimmering colors and durable materials, so you have a unique way to hang onto your makeup, accessories, and more.

  • Make sure you check out our popular octopus plushies. These adorable little octopi come in a huge range of colors like rainbow, black and white, blue, and many more. The reversible design lets you switch the octopus’ expression from happy to angry with a simple flip. These American made products make a great gift for kids and adults of all ages.

  • Add a fun touch to your favorite rooms with our selection of lighting products. Check out the sunset projection light that adds a fun glow to your bedroom or living room. The moon star lamp string light is also featured at our online retail store. This awesome light features fun star and moon shapes and comes with a remote control with different settings to add a fun element to a kid’s bedroom or anywhere else in your home.

  • We carry a range of products that will add value to your life. Look for kitchen accessories, personal care products like massagers, and our cool dumbbell water bottle. Every item we sell is seen on social media, and we can’t wait to share our unique products with you!